Accurate Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Disorders – Volume 3

Excellence in Patient History Taking and Physical Examination
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Credit Hours: 10

CE Credits: Continuing Education (CE) credit is administered by Life Chiropractic College West.

Format: Reading materials and videos (On-Demand, Self-Paced)
Approval Expiration: This course needs to be completed by 03/31/2025.

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Course Format

This is an online self-paced program, giving you the flexibility to complete your CE requirements, at home, at work or anywhere with an Internet connection. You can log in and log out as many times as you wish. You will have unlimited online access to the course during its approval period. Do you have some free time between patient appointments? Why not use this time to progress through this CE course!

Course Description and Content

This course covers the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with a range of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction affecting the spine and the extremities. For each condition, you will be able to review and update your knowledge on the classic presentation,  appropriate clinical evaluation and imaging as well as examples of red flags. In addition, suggestions for clinical management are provided. The course also includes clinical case scenarios that cover key aspects of the patient’s history, examination and related clinical reasoning and provide several examination videos. It also includes free, ready-to-use, downloadable practice resources (Patient Information Sheets and Exercise and Rehabilitation Sheets) that you can use for your patients. This is a self-paced program that provides a certificate upon completion.

Unit 1: Tensor Fasciae Latae Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Unit 2: L5 Radiculopathy
Unit 3: Syndesmotic Ankle Sprain
Unit 4: Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis
Unit 5: Proximal Tibiofibular Dysfunction


Red Flag Recognition and Patient Examination Videos

The course includes a set of questions that you can ask your patients to help identify any red flags that indicate the presence of serious underlying conditions. Relevant clinical examination videos are also included for you to sharpen your clinical skills.


Each course unit includes a short online multiple-choice quiz. When you have completed the learning material in a unit, you will be able to access its quiz.

Certificate of Completion

When you have completed the course, you will be able to immediately download your Certificate of Completion.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be better able to:

    • Take a focused clinical history for patients presenting with musculoskeletal disorders.
    • Perform a targeted physical examination when evaluating patients presenting with musculoskeletal disorders.
    • Improve your clinical reasoning and diagnostic accuracy.
    • Recognize “red flags” which may indicate serious pathology.


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System and Equipment Requirements

This CE course has been optimized to work on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones when using the most recent versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Course Author

Elham Nia, DC, BSc, MSc  –  Dr. Nia is the founder of Chiropractic Online CE. He graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1982, received a Master of Applied Science (Musculoskeletal Management) and a Graduate Diploma in Education in Australia. Dr. Nia was an undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) for 14 years. He has conducted numerous postgraduate continuing education and professional development seminars and workshops on topics including spinal rehabilitation, diagnosis and management of myofascial trigger points, physical examination and therapeutic modalities. His presentations have been attended by a diverse range of healthcare practitioners including chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and general medical practitioners. For the last 10 years, his focus has been on the production of an extensive collection of online continuing education courses for chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand ( He is now pleased to offer the same high-quality online CE courses to Doctors of Chiropractic in the United States and Canada (


Our courses are designed to meet the Chiropractic licensing requirements of your State or Province. However, some States or Provinces do not allow online or distance learning for earning CE credits and some do not allow a course to be taken more than once within the same relicensing period. If you have questions or concerns about this CE course meeting your Board’s approval, we recommend you contact your registration Board directly to obtain pertinent information.

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