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Apley’s Compression Test

Apley’s Compression test is used to detect the presence of medial and lateral meniscal tears. This test is also called the Apley’s Grind test.

With the patient in the prone position and their involved knee flexed to 90˚, grip the foot with both hands, and apply downward pressure. While maintaining the compressive load, rotate the tibia internally and externally.

The test is considered positive if one or more of the following occurs:

• Pain is felt within the joint,
• Patient expresses apprehension,
• Restriction occurs in either internal or external rotation,
• or Clicking sound or sensation arises from the joint.

Pain and or clicking on the medial side of the joint suggests a damaged medial meniscus. Pain and or clicking on the lateral side suggests a damaged lateral meniscus.

The internal and external rotation draws the lateral and then the medial meniscus forward into position between the tibia and femoral condyles. As a result, internal rotation is generally associated with lateral meniscal tears and external rotation with medial tears.

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